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I am a motivated and hard-working software engineer who is never content to stop learning and always eager to embrace new and challenging problems in all of my academic and professional pursuits. I'm currently the lead web developer at Affair Recovery.

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Co-developed with Jessica Miller, Rosendo Benitez Jr., and Clint Yates, GoogleBCS takes the bias out of sports team rankings by using Google's PageRank algorithm to rank sports teams based solely on their performance throughout the season. GoogleBCS rates sports teams using a custom implementation of the same innovative PageRank algorithm used by Google to rank website importance. Originally intended to replace the current ranking procedures used to evaluate college sports teams for tournament placement, GoogleBCS can evaluate any set of football or basketball teams based on a partial or full record of games using the PageRank importance algorithm. GoogleBCS offers a uniquely performance based ranking of teams based solely on regular season performance. Feel free to try out GoogleBCS for yourself here.
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SimTraffic is a traffic simulation system for local governments who wish to improve traffic condition in their areas. Unlike error-prone manual timing, SimTraffic uses an advanced dynamic traffic light timing algorithm, along with machine learning, to offer a universally optimized solution to any traffic situation. With SimTraffic you can load in your own custom road system, customize the frequency of vehicle spawns on each road and watch as the simulation system takes over. Each vehicle behaves just as a real driver would, accelerating, slowing, and stopping at the appropriate times all while avoiding collisions. waste removal in Hadley MA
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The custom physics engine accurately models vehicle acceleration and deceleration while the dynamic light timing and machine learning algorithms handle light color switches, directing vehicles to maximize throughput and minimize wait time and troublesome stop and go traffic. If you'd like to give SimTraffic a try, simply download the package from SimTraffic's Github page and follow the instructions in the readme. If you'd just like to see SimTraffic in action, please click here for a video demonstration.
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String is a word game with actual gameplay, challenging not only your brain, but your reflexes as well. Letters shoot up from the bottom of the screen as you scramble to string together a word by dragging your finger through the letters before they fall back down. Words are scored based on length and rarity of the letters it contains. Each letter has a score, similar to how scrabble letters are scored. There may be more than one possible word to be formed with each set of letter blocks that are presented. The user can play in several different game modes. In rush mode, you're racing against the clock trying to score as many points as you can in one minute. In casual mode, there are no game overs and you can continue playing no matter how many times you fail to form a word. Classic mode gives you only 3 chances to mess up, once your 3 lives are up, that's game over. Game Center leaderboard high score support makes it easy to compete against your friends and players all over the world. String will initially be available for iOS tablet devices in May 2013 with potential future support for Android. To see String in action, please click here for a video demonstration and be sure to keep an eye out for String on the App Store come May 2013.
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EcoSim will be a multi-platform ecosystem simulator written in C++ featuring randomly generated individual islands on which creatures will live and adapt to their environments. The creatures will be able to breed with one another with each generation bringing incremental changes to offspring based on environmental pressures. As the creatures evolve to better fit their environment, they may find ways to travel to other islands where they could interact with other species. EcoSim is in the very early stages of development and is subject to change. The screen shot below is from a very early version of EcoSim's random terrain generation algorithm.
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